Wight Bowmen Archery Club - Constitution


1. The title shall be WIGHT BOWMEN.

2. The postal address of the club shall be that of the Secretary or other such address as directed by the committee.

2. AIM

1. The aim of the club shall be the promotion of Archery in ALL its forms EXCEPT Bowhunting and Crossbow Shooting.


1. The club shall be divided into three categories.

• SENIOR over the age of 18

• JUNIOR under the age of 18.

• ASSOCIATE MEMBERS non-shooting but paying a club membership fee

2. Inexperienced, prospective members shall receive instruction before joining on receipt of an instruction payment.

3. If for some reason the club feels the applicant is unsuitable they reserve the right to inform the applicant of his or her unsuitability. The unsuccessful prospective member has the right to appeal any decision made against them not to allow them membership.

The minimum age for membership is 11 years of age. If agreed with committee, Juniors 14-18 years may be left unaccompanied to shoot but must be collected promptly at the end of the shoot or be able to leave to meet parent if agreed on specific Junior Membership Form.


1. Shooting shall be conducted in accordance with GNAS Rules of Shooting. All forms of archer, except those mentioned in point 2, shall be entertained, provided they conform to GNAS Rules.

2. Before shooting begins, a Field Captain MUST be nominated.

3. Juniors may not shoot without two senior members being present.

4. Any member who does not conform to GNAS Rules, Club rules, has declined or failed a drugs test, or brings the club into disrepute, may be suspended or their membership terminated.


1. Alterations may be made only at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) or an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).

2. Any member wishing to propose an alteration or addition to these rules shall inform the Secretary in writing, a minimum of 21 days before such a meeting

3. The Secretary shall circulate proposed alterations in writing, to club members a minimum of 14 days before such a meeting.


1. Should no club member be attending a National or Regional meeting, a proxy vote may be authorized to vote on behalf of the club.


1. Authorized members attending National, Regional or County meetings on the club’s behalf, shall receive reimbursement for travelling and other relevant incurred expenses.


Club fees (including target fees) will be reviewed on a regular basis. Subscription rates will be sanctioned by the club members at an AGM or EGM

1. New members will pay a pro- rata amount of the full annual fees dependent on the time in the year at which they join.

2. Existing club members will pay full club fees by 1st September. This may be in the form of a lump sum or pre-paid by monthly Standing Order. For existing members who do not pay by the due date and thereby lapse their membership, the full annual fees will be payable on their return. This will pertain for a period of 18 months after which time, they will need to re-apply to the club as a new member if they should wish to re-join.

3. GNAS fees are due by 1st September to give the committee adequate time to prepare the club’s block submission to the area, regional and national bodies. Members will be required to make their own private application to Archery GB, Hampshire Archery Association and Southern Counties Archery Society if fees are not paid on time. They will also need to show their membership cards before being able to shoot on or after 1st October. NO member may shoot from 1st October if his or her GNAS fees have not been paid.


1. The Management shall be vested in the committee.

2. Three trustees will be appointed to the club to act upon its behalf, this will consist of Chairman, President and Treasurer.


1. The AGM shall be held in the month of April each year, 30 days written notice being given of this date.

2. Any representative group of 9 members shall have the right to call an EGM with a minimum of 30 days written notice being given to the Secretary.


▪ Chairman,

▪ Secretary,

▪ Treasurer,

▪ Safeguarding Officer

All other posts, eg Junior Representative, Records Officer, Beginners Lead Coach, Catering Officer etc may be elected as required. All committee members may hold more than one post but a single member shall not hold two or more of the 4 “minimum required” posts as set out above.

2. The positions of President and Vice President shall be nominated positions until such time as he/she wishes to nominate their successor.

3. The Committee shall meet monthly.

4. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt.

5. The Committee, providing 50% of its current strength is in attendance, shall have the power to spend any of the Club monies.

6. 50% of the elected officers shall constitute a quorum.

7. Any club member may attend any committee meeting as an observer, subject to the Chairman’s discretion.

8. The Committee shall elect a Vice Chairman at the first full meeting and agree annually on a person to undertake a full check of club finances.


1. The Treasurer shall be present at every AGM and shall produce a properly balanced and examined balance sheet.

2. In the event of the club dissolving, all assets shall be realized and donated to a similar sporting body or local authority in an attempt to maintain archery in the area.


1. All club members, provided they are paid up members of GNAS and over 16 years of age, have the right to vote at an AGM or EGM.


Adult members may apply for a key to the Club store. The Committee will consider the application and reserves the right to refuse without explanation.


1. All disciplinary, child protection and poor practice concerns will follow the Archery GB Case Management Referral Panel guidelines and Wight Bowmen club complaints procedure.

2. All concerns, allegations or reports of poor practice/abuse relating to the welfare of children and young people will be recorded and responded to swiftly and appropriately in accordance with the Archery GB Policy for Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults. The Club Safeguarding Officer is the lead contact for all Club members in the event of concerns.

3. All complaints regarding the behaviour of members should be submitted in writing to the Club Secretary.

(Please note that clubs can not terminate the Archery GB membership of individuals.)


1. Visiting Archers to club venues to be charged a Target Fee PER HEAD preset by the Committee.

Updated AGM 2021